The Road Goes On Forever And The Party Never Ends…

Well here I am, It’s Getting late so this may fade out at some point…

I finally jacked in the job on the stud to continue my travels…

If it wasn’t for Simon I don’t know when I would have escaped the lights of Gundy, the people where great and the craic was good and I enjoyed the work, I have never experienced a feeling of community anywhere else like I did in Gundy and to be accepted in like I was, well I can’t explain it!!  I’ll not name everyone at this stage partly because there was so many people that looked out for me and they will prob never see this blog to know!

Anyway, I left my job at the great Kitchwin Hills on Friday 26th of June in preparation for meeting up with Simon, that night I went to a friends place where I learnt how to kill and skin a few lambs!  The next Day when I should have been packing my gear back into the van I ended up helping with running repairs at the Gundy Rodeo Ground and after that a few repairs on a friends Landcruiser and when the work was done we gathered up a few beers and headed out on a pig hunt despite the dogs jumping a couple of times we didn’t come on any pigs!!  So typical me everything was left to the last minute and after my lie-in I got up and got stuck into my laundry pile and other chores before I could even pack, then It was up to the farm to say my good-byes to everyone then back to pack the last of my clothes from the drier and pick up Rosie to head for Sydney about 4hrs later than scheduled…

We arrived in Sydney around 18:30…  I tell you it clearly isn’t everyday a Falcon Panel van pulls into the valet parking bay of the Hilton Hotel Sydney, they clearly assumed I took a wrong turn and they looked even less impressed when Rosie and I jumbed out and told them to be careful with the auld girl, so with the van in the hands of valet parking Rosie And I made our way to the Lobby to meet Simon and have a beer!!

to be continued…

… Continued

After a bit We went to find the car for Rosie to get her bags and go to her hotel…

Valet parking know a good one when they get it!!

Valet parking know a good one when they get it!!

After we got Rosie on her way I had to check out our room, it was probably the cleanest most luxuriess hotel room I have ever seen, from the tv in the double shower cubical to the electric black out blinds and so on, it was fantastic (cheers Simon…) we then went to meet up with Gee and Anne for a pizza and beer (good to see ya’s again)!!   We spent the next couple of days touring around the city and sampling some of the local beverages!

Slightly worse for wear we bailed out of the Hilton on Wednesday morning and first stop was to see Baby Connor and Lorna of course, then it was to the northern beaches to explore, It was ok for me but I think Simon was a bit shocked moving from the Hilton to the back of  my van in some random carpark on Barron Joey Head!       Next morning after our short hike to the lighthouse Simon was keen to go up market again after slumming it in my van so it was to the very nice Boat Shed for a ***** breakfast!!  We met Julie for a quick cuppa but unfortunately the boys where at school!  We got on the rd and drove for around 5 hrs to our first camp spot a fair bit inland from Port Macquarie in a spot called Ellenborough which we found in the “Travelers Bible” which lists thousands of free camp sites around Australia…


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