It has been a while, But the story continues…

Here I am,

Probably just when you had given up all hope that I was going to return to blogging…

It has been that long that I don’t know whether to continue on from the last post or to start with more recent times!

Ok, Well to date one of the most memorable things of the trip happened just a few weeks ago and I know to a lot of people it was nothing!  I had just got into bed and was reading for a minute or to when I felt the dog under the bed pushing up, then as I thought for a second I realised I hadn’t let the dogs into my room a little puzzled I looked around the room to realise that there was a lot of things moving, It went on for about a minute in which time I had to get up and put a hand to the flat screen tv on the dresser before it toppled over and that was that I had witnessed my first Earthquake, thankfully no damage was caused as it was approx 90 miles deep and deep enough not to cause any waves!

So back a bit…     All in all I had a great time on the Sydney to Cairns leg with Simon, and although we punched in a fair few miles we managed to squeeze in a few activities and find some nice eatery’s along the way, the second night of the rd trip we ended up in the country town of Murwillumbah were we camped in the show grounds, for dinner we found ourselves at a kinda trendy cafe called Luffley Cafe where most of the seating was on the street and being a Friday night they had live music in the form of the Lovely Vanessa (Guitar, Vocals) and Richard (drums) I would recommend it to anyone…

Next day we kept the hammer down to get up towards surfers paradise, stopping for about an hour for some grub and a stroll on the beach where we both managed to get sunburnt all down one side, I had been looking forward to seeing Surfers Paradise but on arrival was very disappointed as it is completely commercialised and reminded of Blackpool or the likes but with better weather, 40 years to late I guess!  On up the rd a tad we pulled into Water World hoping to get a wash but they were closing up for the day, so with a little time on our hands we called Chris Brown a friend from home who moved out here back in march to the Brisbane area, finally luck was on our side and Chris was just on his way home from work and only lived a few Km’s away so we met up with himself and Shaz for an hour before getting on the rd for Somerset Dam, unfortunately it was dark and I have no idea what the countryside was like on the way up, but going by what was on view the next morning we probably missed some good views.  On up the road we stopped at the Australia Zoo of Steve Irwin fame but it was absolutely packed, I think Simon was keen enough to go in for a look see (sorry Simon) but I got back on the road and stopped at the “Big Kart Track” were we had a 30min run on the 1.2Km track which was mighty craic and left us both with some sports related injuries, back on the rd we got the length of Bundaberg but couldn’t find the campsite we where looking for so I backed the van up to the sea break for the night, we were rudely awakend by the cackles of two women fishing on the rocks just at the back of the van, so I swung open the doors and gave them a fair old shock!  The craic was good so I got the fishing rod out and threw a line in to and before to long I had the breakfast in the pan!  Well, thats where the fun began, while I was preparing breakfast I threw Simon the rod to see if we could make it a feast, what happened next was probably highlight #2 of the trip and makes me laugh everytime it comes to mind, Simon cast out and a bird thought the spinner looked good and made a dive for it and managed to hook it’s foot, so as Simon was calling for assistance I could hardly stand for laughing at him and while trying to catch a breath I managed to grab the camera…

At least Simon got a shag...

Sorry I didn’t proof read for typo’s etc…

I’ll try and do a bit more tomorrow night…


3 responses to “It has been a while, But the story continues…

  1. Russell mcquillan

    Bout time your wrote something !!

  2. Russell mcquillan

    *you wrote something

  3. Yeh, maybe more tommorrow night, I’m not in the mood tonight!

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