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We’ve got ourselves a convoy 10-4

Well folks I’m back…

Over the festive period and into the new year there was just to many things to write about that I decided not to write about any as I tend to go of on a rant without much warning!  I hope all had a good Christmas etc and are making the most of the new year!

One thing that has been brought to my attention of late is the new “Driver CPC” from the DVA that is “the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence” at first I thought it might have been a good enough plan but as I read own I very quickly realised that it would appear to be just another harsh money making racket by those already over payed scheming so and so’s in the civil service! I could start a full scale rant about the not so civil service but I’ll spare you that one in the mean time! Back to the driver cpc, What is the problem I hear you ask, well correct me if I am wrong but in my experience Lorry drivers aren’t a bad bunch, despite what that clown Jeremy Clarkson says they’re not all gear jamming, prostitute murderers, in fact I reckon the regular lorry drivers are about the most courteous drivers on the roads in the UK, they are the first to flash you in on the motorway or warn you when smokey is just around the next bend, so some would say the DVA have gone arse about tit with this one, but don’t we actually know it is carefully planned in a way that will bring in the most revenue as it is aimed at the commercial drivers which there are hundreds of on our roads and are the most experienced of the lorry drivers about, but I wouldn’t need it for a horse lorry that I drive 10 or 15 times a year and it takes me about the first 25miles to get used to the size of  it every time I drive it and am probably the most likely to have or to cause an accident the same applies to car and bike race teams etc which I have nothing against I might add! I’m just completely browned off with government bodies coming up with schemes to rob the working man of every last penny he earns when they could weed out their own gardens and save the country millions if not billions of £’s, after all they are only coming up with these hair brained ideas to line their own pockets and create jobs for the boys!

Maybe someone can sway my thoughts but in the mean time this is my true belief!

Until the next time…    Ten-ten – we’ll do it again